Manned 24 hr security plus Dog security.

CCTV cameras with infra red beam alarms connected to an immediate response monitoring network.

Storage Unit Sizes

250 cubic feet (40 sq ft) to 1150 cubic feet (160 sq ft) fully fireproof storage units.


All storage units are clean and secure and mostly at ground floor level enabling easy access.

Security Gate


Free forklift service for both on and off loading of large and heavy items. Trolleys, sack barrows available for movement of smaller and lighter items.

Range of Storage Systems

Nestings Self Storage Ltd. caters for residential, household, office and commercial clients. All types of business effects such as computers and electrical products are also catered for including warehousing.

Deliveries and Parcels

Fed up of waiting in for delivery of your parcel? Nestings Self Storage Ltd. will take delivery of your parcel for you, so you can collect it at your leisure. Find out more about our parcel collection service.